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Dear Parents,

As we work together to support your child through elementary school it is important to be aware of the many available resources.  The following links are intended to provide information you can use right now and for future use as your child transitions from Carman Elementary School into Carman Collegiate and into our community. 


Click on the following links to learn more:


Social Skills Learning with a Play Date:


Working Together: A Parent's Guide to Transition from School to Community

The transition to adult life creates big changes in the lives of young people with exceptional needs and their families.  Transition planning can help with the stress these changes can bring.  This guide includes information to assist families in participating in transition planning for their son or daughter. It is intended for parents, guardians, foster parents and caregivers.


Graduation Requirements (Focus on the Future)

This parent and student guide contains information about the graduation requirements for Manitoba Senior Years students, and provides parents and students with a planning tool that can be used throughout the Senior Years.


Career Development & Employment Opportunities 

Career development is the process which helps individuals make education, training and work related choices to manage learning, work and personal life and the transitions between them over a life span.


Vulnerable Persons Act

 It is critical that we, as parents, have a thorough understanding of what the Vulnerable Persons Act means for our sons and daughters, families, and communities, so that we can be part of that ongoing learning. Our informed voices can make a difference.


Office of the Vulnerable Persons' Commissioner

The Vulnerable Persons’ Commissioner is appointed under Part 4, Substitute Decision Making of The Vulnerable Persons Living with a Mental Disability Act (the Act).  The mandate of the Office of the Vulnerable Persons’ Commissioner is to implement the substitute decision making provisions of the Act.  In doing so, our goal is to protect the decision-making rights of vulnerable persons through policies and procedures.


Supported Living Program

Services are provided to eligible adults with a mental disability in each region of the province. Services are planned on a person-centered basis to meet the unique need of each individual.


Join the Circle of Care.
Become a Foster Parent. 

Phone: 1-888-995-JOIN


Child and Family Services Contacts

In Manitoba, services for children and families are provided through a coordinated system of government offices, mandated agencies and related service providers. Contact the location nearest you to find out more information about the services and opportunities available in your area.


Income Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

The Income Assistance for Persons with a Disabilities Program provides financial and employment assistance for adults with a disability who are enrolled in the Employment and Income Assistance program. This additional financial assistance is provided in recognition of the additional costs of persons with disabilities which are associated with living in the community.

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